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I am a collector, researcher and writer on the subject of cast metal toy vehicles, with particular emphasis on minor British manufacturers.  As time permits, I intend to make my published articles and new material available online here.  Please follow the links below.  You can contact me by e-mail.

Farming in Miniature Volume 1
Farming in Miniature

is a wonderful two-volume book about British-made toy tractors, implements and horse-drawn farm vehicles, written by Robert Newson, Peter Wade-Martins and Adrian Little.

There is also a website Farming in Miniature - Further Discoverie
s, which provides an online update for new information that has come to light since the book was published.

Click here for more details, for the Further Discoveries website, and to buy the books on Amazon.

Pre-war Tootsietoys
A History of Pre-War Automotive Tootsietoys
and Early Tootsietoy Aircraft
Clint Seeley's classic articles from the 1970s have been edited by Robert Newson and are re-published here with many editorial additions and hundreds of new photos.

Click here for the most authoritative and scholarly history (up to 1941) of the leading American brand of miniature toy cars.

Information about minor toy car manufacturers (mostly British)
Look for the manufacturers in which you are interested in the following list (approximately alphabetical).  More information will be added from time to time.

Agasee Motorbike and Sidecar
Agasee & Brooks, S.A.Agasee, Eebee, Aircast and L.Brooks
Click here for a pictorial review of the products of these small diecasters from north-east London.
Arbur Fire Engine
Arbur, LDCW, DHE Co. and Rollee
Click here for information on models by these small diecasters from south London.
Arro Commer Van
Arro - toys from Yorkshire?
Click here for details of the two rather nice Arro models.
Benbros no.44 Bedford Crane Lorry
Updating the Benbros booklet
Click here for new discoveries since I published my booklet on Benbros T.V.Series & Mighty Midgets.
Charbens catalogue cover 1955-58
Charbens - forty years of toy vehicles from North London
Click here for comprehensive details of the toy vehicles from this long-running maker.
Goody Toys Morris Saloon
Goody Toys
Click here for the intriguing history of this small British range of toy cars from the 1930s.
Kembo Scammell Lorry
Kembo Scammell Trucks
Click here for a pdf version of my Kembo article from Classic Toys magazine.
Kemlows Sentry Box Series box
Kemlows Sentry Box Series
Click here for details of these military miniatures with their novelty Sentry Box packaging.
Tuckerbox Box
Matchbox Toys from Down Under
Click here for details of the Tucker Box and Lincoln Matchbox series of miniature models from Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.
Lone Star Vauxhall Firenza
Lone Star Impy, Flyers & Commercials
Click here for the history of Lone Star's efforts to be in contention in the toy car wars of the 1960s and 1970s.
Lone Star Roadmaster Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Lone Star Roadmasters
Click here for the story of Lone Star's 1:50 scale series of mostly American cars.
Lone Star's factory at Great North Road, Hatfield
An archive of the Lone Star website created by the late Geoffrey Ambridge
Click here for details.
Matchbox 1955 catalogue cover
The first Matchbox catalogue
Click here to learn all about the 1955 Matchbox catalogue and how a high-quality reproduction was made available to collectors.
River Series Standard Vanguard
River Series
Click here for a comprehensive history of these models from Jordan & Lewden Ltd.
Timpo Garage from 1946
Timpo Vehicles
Click here for my old 1988-9 article (pdf file) - to be updated some time soon!

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