Questions and Answers

Q.    Where were Lone Star's factories located and do any survive today?

A.    From about 1946, the "Lone Star" (Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd.) factory,
        called "The River Works", was located at 152 Green Lanes, Palmers Green,
        North London. These premises were sold around 1981-82 to a Chemist's
        Sundries company. The buildings, used by the other trade, still survive today.
        However, two other factories; one at Hatfield (originally built from scratch)
        and nearby Welham Green, Hertfordshire, both acquired in the mid and late
        1950s were, some thirty years later, sold, demolished and their former sites are
        now redeveloped.

Q.    'Lone Star' products were well-known for their model cars, trucks and trains. What
        else did they manufacture?

A.    The company originally acquired a degree of fame, from 1949, for its die-cast, cap-firing,
        metal pistols and rifles which were mainly 'Western' (or Cowboy) in their theme.
        The firm also produced unbreakable plastic figures, known as 'Harvey' Series
        generally thought of as being of '00'-scale, and produced an infinite variety of
        these figures, both 'on foot' and 'mounted', between 1957-69.
        (See: "The Bumper Book of 'Lone Star' Diecast Models and Toys 1948-88")

Q.    Presumably, many of Lone Star's models and toys are in the hands of collectors
        nowadays. Where can I see examples of these?

A.    Yes! Many do form useful collections around the country (and the world. .)
        but a wide selection of these items can be viewed at Lone Star's annual exhibition
        held at Whitewebbs Museum of Transport, near Enfield, Middlesex, (U. K.).
        Photos of the museum can be viewed on the "Whitewebbs Museum" page of this site.
        For those who have a Lone Star collection, large or small, and would like to display it
        to the public, this can be done without any charge to the would-be exhibitor.
        Please 'click' the Whitewebbs Museum 'link' to find out the next exhibition date
        and all necessary details including a road map of the North Enfield district. Nearest
        train station: Crews Hill (King's Cross, London - Hertford North, line).

Q.    Do any of the original documents of 'Lone Star' Products survive for anyone wishing to
        research the company and, if so, where can they be viewed?

A.    Mill Green Museum, just north of Hatfield, Hertfordshire [Tel: +44 (01707)
        271362] holds many original documents relating to the Company. These
        include some technical drawings, numerous trade catalogues and Minute books
        of Directors' meetings 1944-83 to mention just a few. The Museum Curator
        will be able to specify which other 'Lone Star' documents are held there.
        The Department of Trade and Industry, Companies House, Dissolution Section,
        Crown Way, CARDIFF, CF14 3UZ, (U.K.) [Tel: +44 (029) 20380854] can
        provide 'microfiche' images of any of D.C.M.T.'s documents formerly submitted
        to the D.T.I. pre-October 1983 (Quote ref. DISS/363003).