Here is a selection of the diecast model & toy series made by Lone Star

The preface of the LONE STAR trade catalogue for 1970 gave the following description of the Company:-

"LONE STAR PRODUCTS LIMITED specialise in the manufacture of top quality Die Cast metal toys. The range of Die Cast Cap Pistols, first introduced in 1949, is the largest in the world. In 1960, LONE STAR PRODUCTS LIMITED entered the Die Cast Metal Car market and, in 1970, this comprises over 70 different models all backed by accessories, gift and presentation packs, all of which contribute to maintaining our place in home and overseas markets as one of the world's leading Die Cast manufacturers."

In the interests of brevity, only the various ranges of 'Harvey Series' polythene or vinyl figures have been listed, as follows:

'Harvey' Series Unbreakable polythene / vinyl figures and models

The earliest literature relating to this series was found in Lone Star's trade catalogue for 1957. The preamble stated that " ... over 100 different figures are available" and that " ... it is anticipated that, by the end of 1957, some 30 new models will have been added." By 1960 there were " ... well over 200 different models in 20 different assortments." Obtainable in hand-painted 5, 9, 18 and 27-piece boxed sets, also individually. Although most of these figures could be thought of as pedestrian and reasonably rigid, some were mounted on *horseback where the assortment was considered appropriate. Others had movable heads and limbs. The range was added to until 1969.

*Native Americans (Braves and Chiefs) - *Cowboys - Redcoats (Guardsmen and Bandsmen) - Robin Hood - Khaki (Red and Green Berets) - Scots Soldiers - Paratroopers - Commandos - Stretcher Bearers - *Knights - Medieval Soldiers - Afghans - African Natives - African Troops - British Desert Troops - Sailors - German Afrika Corps Troops - United Nations Troops (Blue Helmets) - RAC Service Patrol - Frogmen - Skin Divers - Noddy and Friends - Noddy Train - Popeye and Friends - Popeye Tugboat - Ski Troopers - German Storm Troopers - Royal Marines - French Foreign Legionnaires - Arabs - Safari - Confederate Troops - US Union Troops - Mexicans - 3 Siege Weapons - *Lone Ranger and *Tonto - 5 Farm Animals - Bear - Steer - Midget Submarine with 2 Seated Divers - 12 Teenage Fashion Models - *Dick Turpin (Highwayman) - *Zorro