Lone Star

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A representative selection of photos taken at past annual 'Lone Star' Collectors' Exhibitions.
These are held at WHITEWEBBS MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT, Whitewebbs Road, Crews Hill, (north) ENFIELD, EN2 9HW, UK, usually on the last Sunday in September.
Please check: www.whitewebbsmuseum.co.uk  for full details.

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Tony Collins - collector
Tony Collins - collector
Phil Goater - collector
Part of Clive Gehle's collection
Peter Wake - collector
Peter Wake - collector
Andrew Kilmartin - collector
Andrew Kilmartin - collector
Overall view of Exhibition Hall
Overall view of Exhibition Hall
John Medicott - collector
John Medlicott - collector
Andy Hill - 'OOO' Train collector
Andy Hill - 'OOO' Train collector
Simon Lynes - collector
Simon Lynes - collector

Robert Cooper - collector

Philip Goater - collector

John Wiffen - collector

Rosemary Basden - former Secretary to the Finance Director, Lone Star's (Hatfield) factory

Bowes Railway Centre, Springwell, near Sunderland (May 2011)

Gerald Edwards, one of the exhibitors at Bowes centre

Geoff Ambridge (seated)
selling "Bumper" books.

Jeremy O'Keefe demonstrating one of Malcolm Brunger's "OOO" gauge train layouts.


Roger Cox (Trading in 'Lone Star' model trains).

Roger Traveller, collector of Die-cast cap guns

Ian Dorrell, collector of 'Lone Star' items, especially of D.C.M.T.'s earliest post-WW2 products.

Extreme left - Roger Cox, trader (wearing hat); the others n/k

(Left) Malcolm Brunger, a Treble-'O'-Gauge railway exhibitor; other n/k

Centre - (wearing white shirt) Roger Traveller; L.S. gun exhibitor/collector; the others n/k

Courtesy of Ian Dorrell

Extreme left - Roger Cox, trader (wearing hat); the others n/k

Ian Dorrell's Collection

Martin Doubleday's Collection

Roger Cox's Collection

Clive Gehle's Collection

Clive Gehle's Collection


Clive Gehle's Collection

Nigel Hancock's diecast gun collection

Ian Dorrell's collection

Eric Large's "Treble-O-Lectric" railway layout with Jonathan Thorpe (left) and Philip Goater looking on.

Chris Freeman, who collects anything   
Lone Star

Lone Star comics
Two examples of many issues of 'Lone Star' comics
Roger Traveller's 'Steve Larrabee' exhibits
Roger Traveller's 'Steve Larrabee' exhibits
Donald Troost's exhibits
Donald Troost's exhibits, including his 000 gauge railway handbook of which he is the author